M109R Suzuki

Combining the best of ALL worlds! Suzukis award winning Boulevard M109R - an awesome motorcycle. Its a beautiful combination of stylish cruiser married with the renowned Suzuki power and handling. With this beast, Suzuki has redefined the concept of “cruiser”. Talk about brilliance – it is simple really, just take the already winning cruiser technology and add the technology of the championship GSX-R sport bikes.

The Boulevard M109Rs unrivalled performance begins with its 109-cubic-inch, fuel injected V-twin engine. The tuning produces massive torque all the way from idle to redline, which translates into acceleration that you have to feel to believe - and makes this the most powerful cruiser Suzuki has ever produced. To top it off the big V-twin also produces a throaty, aggressive exhaust note designed to let the world know they are looking at - and listening to - the challenged king of cruisers.

Make no mistake, the Boulevard M109R balances this extraordinary performance with superb, crisp handling. The top of the range handling results from a superior chassis and suspension, which is matched by world-class brakes. But best of all, the performance looks every bit the A-Class Package that it delivers. Its sleek, flowing lines and GSX-R inspired styling touches leave you with no doubt that the Boulevard M109R is in a class of its own.

Suzuki : Other Vintage 1972 Suzuki Model GT550

Suzuki : Other Vintage 1972 Suzuki Model GT550

27 $2,375.00